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CoolSpots Cattery - Queens

Welcome to our queens page. Below are our
current queens in our breeding program.

All of my breeding stock are screened every year for HCM by Dr. Sarah Miller, DVM, DACVIM, Cardiology.

Photographer Credits for Destiny Images:
© 2016 All Rights Reserved.
RW/SGC CoolSpots Destiny
Seal Sepia Snow Spotted
DOB: 09/22/14

2015 Twenty-fourth Best Kitten
2015 Second Best Bengal Kitten (SW)
2016 12th Best Cat
2016 7th Best Short Hair
Tested HCM Clear on:
March 13, 2016

Tested for PRA and PK Deficiency - Both Negative by Parantage.

Destiny is my favorate color of all of the Bengals. I just love the color of the Seal Sepia Snow. I want to thank Dave and Roxanne Blank for letting me use their Stud RW/SGC Tatsu Shiro with my CH CoolSpots Satin and Lace which gave me this beautiful girl. She is starting her show career and has done nicely in the show that she has been in. She will be the start of my Seal Sepia Snow lines. She has a beautiful profile, small ears and is nicely rosetted and look at her legs. She has more spotting and less horizonal bars. Hopefully I will be able to get full spots and no bars on the legs.

Destiny's PedigreeDestiny's Photo's
Photographer Credits for Calypso Images:
©2013 Chanan All Rights Reserved.
CH CoolSpots Calypso
Brown Spotted
DOB: 09/20/12

Tested HCM Clear on:
June 22, 2013
November 19, 2014

Tested for PRA and PK Deficiency - Both Negative.

Calypso was the last litter from my RW/SGC CoolSpots Duet. She has her mothers playfulness and is just a lot of fun to be around. She has a very straight profile, small ears, beautiful eyes and tail.

calypso's PedigreeCalypso Photo's
Photographer Credits for PWD Protected Images:
© Starrlight Photography All Rights Reserved.
RW/QGC CoolSpots PWD Protected
Brown Marbled
DOB: 01/26/14

2015 Twenty-first Best Cat of the Year (SW)
2015 Twelveth Best SH Cat of the Year (SW)
2016 #22 Best Short Hair

Tested HCM Clear on:
February 22, 2015
March 13, 2016

Tested for PRA and PK Deficiency - Both Negative by Parentage.

NeNe is what I call her. She is the product of both of my RW/SGC's Cuisinart and Soldier. She is an extremely beautiful and funny girl. She got her mothers face but with her fathers ears. She got her mothers long body and tail and her fathers goofyness. Watching her play is like a comedy. You just sit back and watch. Her mother RW/SGC CoolSpots Cuisinart will be having her last litter this fall and will be retired and I expect NeNe to carry on by giving me beautiful and smart, funny babies. I can't wait to see what her babies will look like.

PWD Protected's PedigreePWD Protected Photo's
CoolSpots Infiniti
Brown Spotted
DOB: 09/27/15

#22 Best Kitten
Tested HCM Clear on:
July 17, 2016

Tested for PRA and PK Deficiency - Both Negative by Parentage.

Infiniti is one special girl. She loves kiss's and will even lean her cheek in for them. She is of course a toy monster like all of the other Bengals. She does very well at shows but does not like her bath at all. Since she carries Sepia I can't wait to see what I get from her down the line. Thanks Dave and Roxanne for letting me use your boy with my female to get this amazing girl.

Infiniti's Pedigree
Proud Member of:
Proud member of the Bengals Illustrated Reputable Breeder Program
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